Black and White Stripe Silk Sundress


If you want to dress fashionably in basic black and white colors but you want to look as simple as just an ordinary day wear you can try this one.  This one would surely get a second look with a real pretty and stylish black and white silk stripe dress.   This could also be a sundress or a maxi dress and can be a good match for any top you might want to add.  If the air is cool and you want to beat the chilly breeze you can add up a nice shawl and still look pretty in your long sundress.

Just found this one at etsy on one of its shops – AngelCity2012- when I was searching for inspiration for my two young ladies’ dresses.  They’re growing up so fast and I’m really looking for long dresses for them.  This dress is just perfect for tall young ladies and defines simplicity with style.  With classic colors and stripe prints you can always say that fashion is just making a turn around of trends.  Designers are coming back with designs from the old generations with little additions to adapt to the new breed of customers.

Size ranges from S bust to L bust and sells at US$42.90.  Hurry they only have one available now.


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