Get Discounts on Group Buy Deals

Sometimes when you see a great group buy deal, you just have to go for it. It may be too late that you realize that you will never have the time to use the deal before it expires. In the past, people may have taken that loss, but now many are turning to CoupFlip to resell Groupon or other group buy deals. With 20 to 40% of group buy deals going unused, there is a market for these deals.

The best part of the web page is that you do not have to wait for someone to buy the deal off of you. CoupFlip will make you an offer on the group buy deal which is based on factors such as how close the deal is to its expiry date, and how popular the deal was when it was offered. Generally, many people receive around 70% of their money back.

You do not have to sell your deals to enjoy CoupFlip. It is also a great place to look for some great deals that you may have missed their first time around. A customer can search for a deal based on their location, keyword, category and price range. The price is often less than what it originally sold for. Since it is free to both buy and sell group buy deals on the CoupFlip, there is really nothing to lose and a whole lot of discounts to gain as you go in search of your next must have deal or two.

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