Little Missy’s Ruffled Skirt


Seeing this cute little girl walk with grace with her cute and pretty ruffled skirt brought me some memories of my own young teens when they’re just little girls. They’re just one year apart and they’re mistaken for twins though they’re not identical they seem to have the same age, actuations and most of the times the same dress in different colors only.

Forgive the Mom who just can’t get through the stage where her girls are growing up so fast lol! Anyway for those who have lovely little girls out there and you want some cute nice ideas on how to make your little princess fashionable and yet just simply dressed. The girl here is wearing a ruffled skirt with chocolate brown wool with scalloped edges and purple vintage style floral. She’s wearing it with a mauve striped top.

This nice little skirt is perfect for girls starting from 1 year to around 10 yrs. old, available at MaggieBogart’s children’s handmade clothing boutique at at US$48.

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