Pre-Birthday Lunch and Shopping

Since my eldest daughter and my only sister always celebrates birthday together we spent an advance lunch-snack date today at a popular pizza pasta restaurant. The kids were so happy to be at the mall together with their granny and auntie who both paid for the group meal combo we ordered. The combo meal is actually for 12 people and since we’re only 7 we didn’t finished all and had to take it home.

It was also a shopping day for the girls because they saw some nice blouses at the basement while we were searching for laptop skins I need for my own. We also passed by some appliance and furniture stores where my husband saw some of his former office mates. We were actually looking at some modern TV mount with stand when he recognize one of the staff.

We let the kids ride the car first and we came back to the mall to canvass prices for the new laptop he’s eyeing for his presentation use. Of course I love walking through computer and tech stores because I also want to look at my new prospective laptop and digicam. I would want a new one for faster blogging and possibly better work opportunities. It would help me greatly if I could buy a new high specs laptop computer for my blogging.

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