Shopping Plans for Upcoming Vacation

Just love shopping for my kids’ clothes especially when we’re planning to go on vacation to somewhere colder and fresher. As early as now we’re saving up money for our December vacation in Baguio and been doing some early preparations so when it’s time to leave we’ll have it easy and fun. My girls and my boy will surely love going back there where they can rest, relax and enjoy the place as much as they want.

My daughters told me that they need to buy new clothes for the vacation as they’ve grown past their clothes two years ago. Time flies so fast that I always have to remind myself my girls are growing up so fast; in fact Gen is now taller than me. That’s nice really considering I’m not that small either. Anyway with the entire list on their notes I’m sure I don’t have to buy them the likes of English riding clothes for their horseback riding activity on December. It’s not strict on the type of clothes to wear so any attire will do.

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