Soft Case for Your Eyeglass


Since I’m wearing eyeglasses since I was in my first year in college I’m used to wearing it always anytime anywhere.  As it’s part of my daily accessories which can be counted as most important thing that I will not afford to lose I take care of it in the best way I could.  I have different styles of eyeglasses which I wear differently for work, for home and for traveling.  I have varied needs and to protect them from wear and tear I see to it that each of my eyeglasses have sturdy cases.

Well seeing these eyeglass cases from etsy made me want to use soft cases instead of the hard ones I have.  Found these whimsical collection of  eyeglass case at  Lukiedukie shop and learned that all are handmade items, made of canvas materials, fully lined, padded and of course they’re whimsical collection.  Sells at US$4.99

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