Top Tips for a Successful BBQ

You think BBQing is foolproof? Well, as anyone who has ever bitten into a chargrilled banger will know, it’s not, but it is a lot simpler than many people make it.

When it is done correctly, a BBQ is one of the great joys of the late-summer season, particularly when the weather is warm and breezy. Here are the top ten tips you need to remember to ensure that your garden party is memorable for the right reasons.

1 – Any expensive party planner will tell you that the key to a great night is actually some rather boring organization and preparation. Set up as much as you can before your guests arrive and have the drinks chilling for when they come through the door. As for the grilling, you will find it is much easier if you have a preparation area near your BBQ where you can place the ingredients and foods that are waiting to be cooked.

2 – Is your BBQ good enough? A top-of-the-range gas BBQ like the Weber Summit allows you to cook with all the simplicity you would expect in a well-stocked kitchen. Check out this page to see a few examples, including the gargantuan Weber Summit Grill Centre with Social Area – which basically IS a well-stocked kitchen.

3 – Everyone has tasted burgers before. Use your dressings and marinades to great effect. Add the meat and marinade to a large freezer bag and give it a shake before putting it in the fridge to chill until you’re ready to cook on the barbecue.

4 – Don’t start a fire. Soak any wooden kebab sticks you plan to use in cold water for at least 30 minutes before you pop them on the heat. Another kebab tip is wiping metal skewers with a piece of kitchen paper dipped in cooking oil. This will prevent the food from sticking to the metal when you come to eat it.

5 – If you just want to keep food warm on the barbie after cooking, then wrap it in a double layer of foil to lock the moisture in.

6 – When cooking, only position foods over the hottest part of the BBQ initially. Once they are seared and sealed, you can move them away from the most intense heat to ensure they cook evenly throughout.

7 – Don’t get carried away with leaving meats ‘medium’. The taste will come from the BBQ – just ensure the meat doesn’t burn and dry out. Always cook chicken and pork right through.

8 – Look for aromatic flavours to complement the chargrilled taste. Garlic is always a favourite, you can even place these directly on the coals to smoke your food.

9 – If you are going to use wire baskets for small pieces of fish and vegetables to ensure they don’t fall through the grill, oil them to prevent the foods from sticking.

10 – Enjoy it – you’re meant to be having a party after all. As a host, your relaxed demeanour will  transmit through to your guests, helping the proceedings to really take off. Following a few of these tips will really help you keep everything under control, so start having some fun while the sun is still out.

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