Wise Shopping

The holiday passed without so much expenses as we had our prayer get together in one of the hilly areas near our place. Holidays usually takes up a lot of budget especially when you spend your day malling and shopping for your little whims which is actually not your priorities. Of course we had our usual shopping for food and kids’ goodies but it’s all included in our budget so I’m happy that we maintained our goal to shop less this season. We’ll be going for a fellowship vacation in Baguio and we’re saving so much for that.

Anyway online shopping seems so much better as I will only visit the stores that I need most like the website where I’ll get my brother’s accessories for his construction business. Going through the sites I need will not give me shopping temptations as I’ll only buy what I really need and not what I want so my budget will still be in line with the family’s basic priorities. Wise spending should be planned and practiced this coming holiday to maximize the value of our hard-earned money.

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