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I’m very happy that I can now rest on weekends with the approval of our no Saturday work but actually it’s only a rest from work and hustle bustle of commuting from home to office. My schedule is also full with family’s bonding activities like jogging at the nearest municipal compound which turns out to be a park and recreation place during weekends when there’s no government office. I also have movie watching activities with my family in the afternoon and evening which makes my rest day fulfilling because I get to be beside my husband and kids most of the day.

Well it’s also my free day to spend on my online writing which I schedule in the evening after our dinner when there’s nothing to do but sit and relax. Before doing any online work I see to it that I open my emails, get to read few social networking messages and browse some favorite sites. These sites are usually gadgets store and online sites that offers shopping privileges and good deals.

Well anyway I was also requested to look for platinum rings from for gift suggestion to my cousin’s friend who is getting married and got to see some really nice rings and other jewelries as well. I’m not much into jewelry things but will try to invest in the coming years for my two daughters. It’s good to have some nice jewelry if you have girls in the family. They can use it on future occasions that they will attend and have it as their collections as well.

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