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Our high school batch is active as always coming up with various meetups, dinner dates, reunions and a lot more. It’s just me that can’t cope up with my own schedule that I wasn’t able to join them in their usual get together. But when it comes to silver anniversary and 30th reunions I really made an effort not just to join but help in the registration as well. I want to be with them often but I was busy as a bee with 3 schooling kids and a full-time office work.
Well I can clearly remember our formal reunion for our 30th year since we graduated from our secondary school. As we didn’t have the JS Prom during our high school days, they have picked formal evening dresses as our dress code for the 30th reunion. We all made some effort into buying our dresses and suits to wear on our formal reunion night which was held on a nice hotel. I looked everywhere for the perfect dress on mall stores and online fashion shops to maximize my time since I don’t have much to spare as I have an 8 to 5 work.
Online shopping has been of great help to me whenever I find the need for clothes to wear on certain occasions that requires some theme and dress code. It’s so convenient and saves me time as well especially in finding the specific and special dress suited for the occasion like http://www.airmode.fr/black-evening-dresses-c126672/ which is really beautiful and elegant.
The affair went well and we all look very elegant in our Hollywood-themed evening dresses which are mostly in black, silver and red shades. We enjoyed the night not just because of the place and the food but because of our dear friends and classmates whom we have fond memories of our teenage years. Now that we’re on our forties we still feel the joy of our yester years made sweeter by our togetherness and reunions. It was quite a beautiful night.

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