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Music Makes People Happy

As Gen is getting ready for the school opening next week she makes an extra effort to maximize her time in playing guitar and keyboards as she knows she will not have time when school works start again. She wants … Continue reading

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Shopping for Foreign Coins

I love collecting old coins of my country and of foreign countries as well.  I do have some few foreign coins but it’s still a small number I have collection from 1960s onwards, the first of which were given to … Continue reading

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Sword for Sale from Twiggy’s Treasures

The different kinds of swords available from Twiggy’s Treasures Sword collecting has been around for many years now. Hobbyists and enthusiasts alike have grown to love the many different types of swords like dragon swords and samurai swords because of … Continue reading

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Discovering Her Photography Skills

My friend’s greatest hobby and passion is photography and though she has not taken a professional course on it she learned it through practice and self study. She has an online writing job and when it reached a low peak … Continue reading

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Crafty Ideas on Beads

My friend has four kids and he’s the sole breadwinner of the family as he wants his wife to concentrate on taking care of the kids instead of getting nanny for them. He has a permanent job that provides for … Continue reading

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Busy With Gardening

My Mom is again busy with her garden. She said that it’s the time to plant flowers since the weather condition is a bit cold and fresh for the flowers. It’s just fine for her to take care of her … Continue reading

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Elevator Murmurs

I hurried past the people walking in the street because I wanted to be at the office earlier. As always I’ve caught the traffic in Ortigas and I never really understand why there’s traffic jam when it’s summer vacation and … Continue reading

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