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Fast Cash for Special Occasions

Did you experience having plenty of special occasions for your loved ones on your list and you’re short of cash? It’s not an unusual situation because birthdays and other events may come at a time before your payday and you … Continue reading

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Relaxation After Work

I’m not much into television for the past two years and I just view one program a day and spend the rest of my free time from work and online work to my kids. Sometimes I just sit at the … Continue reading

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Fast Cash for Car Repair

Having a car is a privilege but you have to deal with maintenance expenses to keep it in good working condition. I have to prioritize it in my list of expenditures when trouble comes because it’s important that our car … Continue reading

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Gift for Dad

With the father’s day celebration yesterday every child thought of nice gifts for their dads just like my own kids whose been planning ahead of time what to do on their dad’s special day. I’ve been quiet about it but … Continue reading

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Her New Gadgets

My cousin returned to corporate world last January who just like me has tried to work outside the 8-5 Monday to Friday office world. She was offered to work in the company of her former boss’ son and the offer … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Perfect House Mate for a Shared House

Have you experienced working on a very distant place that you’ll have to wake early dawn and reaching home late at night? It’s a tiring scenario but it’s true as there are people who would do it all just to … Continue reading

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Reasons to Buy Second Hand Furniture for Your Office

Putting up a business entails a lot of careful planning, decision making in terms of strategic marketing, company policies and financial aspect to ensure a smooth work flow in the operation of the business. There are many factors to consider … Continue reading

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My Dream Car

The Price is Right is one of my favorite shows when I was a kid and I was always happy when the prize given to the winning contestant is a recreational vehicle. For me this kind of vehicle is an … Continue reading

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Fresher Environment

The heat of the summer is still on us even if the rainy season month is already here. I’m glad for the times that we can stay in our terrace because it has fresher air and environment. We’re always there … Continue reading

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