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Smoothing Out the Passage

When you have a car you should ensure that it’s properly cared for, maintained and always in perfect running condition. Of course you wouldn’t want to stop suddenly in the middle of long highway road because your tires are flat … Continue reading

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Social Security for Our Future

DH will reactivate our SSS which we stopped when we resigned from our job. Since my work is online I haven’t find the time to continue our membership premium contributions. We’ve earned more than enough months to qualify for retirement … Continue reading

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Log Furniture for Your Homes

My brother who is into construction business is getting more of customers who hire him for residential houses rather than buildings. His finished projects serve as models to clients who search for the one who will build their dream houses. … Continue reading

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Dream Vacation

Temperature is getting hotter these days and our church friends are planning out swimming and outing activities when the kids will be on their summer vacation. I would love to have a beach vacation but I don’t think I can … Continue reading

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Bad Habits at Young Age

I’ve been observing the kids entering the internet cafe beside us. They’re taking advantage of the shop to have a place for meeting up with their friends. They’re all noisy and they even have the nerve to use half of … Continue reading

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Purseket-Drop-In for Longchamp

Some Longchamp bag owners wish that their favorite bag has pockets.  It’s one way of organizing things and accessories inside your bag.  I for one look for bags with two or more pockets especially with one secret pocket for my … Continue reading

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Chills at Night

Lately I’m experiencing chills at night and I’ve noticed that it always happen when I’m so tired and worn out. Although there are questions in my mind about the reasons for my chilling I never consulted anyone about it much … Continue reading

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A Brighter Atmosphere

My friend and I visited our high school friend’s house last month and we came home talking about how bright the house is. My friend’s house seem a little dark when you entered the house and she told me that … Continue reading

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White & Gold Beaded Handbag

Thinking of nice gift ideas for your female friends.  Well this is kinda nice especially to those not so younger ladies.  It’s also good to give to the bride as it’s a nice handbag to go with her gown and … Continue reading

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Getting Help for the Right Compensation

As we’re living along national road I always see the accidents that happen on the long stretch of that road. If the accident is too bad I refrain myself from looking into the accident as I know memories of wounded … Continue reading

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