Purseket-Drop-In for Longchamp

Some Longchamp bag owners wish that their favorite bag has pockets.  It’s one way of organizing things and accessories inside your bag.  I for one look for bags with two or more pockets especially with one secret pocket for my most precious little things that I don’t want to  be messed with my other things.  Now with this Purseket I found at magnums.net you can now organize your things like phones, cards, notebooks, pens, perfume, wallet, camera, beauty kit, hankies and a lot more.  Then when you want to change purses or bags it’s so easy to transfer because you’ll only transfer the Purseket and you’re ready.


  • Measures 7” high and 8” wide
  • Four pockets, two on each side measuring 4” and expands to 5.5”
  • Key post
  • Fits bags with a minimum opening of 8” and 7.5” minimum depth
  • Compatible with other sizes of Purseket Organizers

The Junior Drop-In securely divides bags where it can stand up, allowing the owner to access their wallets or other things placed on either side easily.  It has more storage provided with its 2 pockets.  Sells at USD17.70

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