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Background Checking of Personnel

I’m involved with human resources and personnel department for about 8 years now and I learned from my experience that companies should be careful with the personnel they hire for work. Hiring employees with good background and honest employment history … Continue reading

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Pre-Owned/Used CNC Routers

Today’s technology has reached various field of industries that even manufacturing sectors has improved a lot in their operation procedures and equipment that they use. All small and big companies strive to cope up with the demands of high technology … Continue reading

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Blessings of House Projects

My brother has been blessed with multiple residential projects this month and he’s very thankful to God for the timely influx of customers. This is also the reason that he wasn’t able to give me one of his construction staff … Continue reading

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Riding On Elevator

Working in an office located on the top most floor of a high rise building gives me an advantage of seeing more people because when I’m inside the elevator I’m always the last to go out. I get to see … Continue reading

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Starting The Year with the Job of Your Choice

It’s the first month of the year and many things are associated with this first month. Many believe that whatever you do on the first days of January it will be somewhat like what will happen to you in the … Continue reading

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My Health Benefits

I’ve just received my health card last week from our provider. I’m very happy that my current employer included such health benefit like this one because you’ll never really know what will happen to you when you’re working and traveling … Continue reading

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Supplies for the Office

I’ve ordered again supplies for the office and I think it will last for months since we’re only few in the office and we use few supplies only. I just want to have enough stocks when we need brochures for … Continue reading

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Learning New Jobs

Since I graduated from college I’ve been employed in various works and assigned to different fields that I didn’t studied for. I was trained to become an Accounting Head, a Human Resource Officer, an Administrator and many other jobs not … Continue reading

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Plans and Ways to Slim Down

Yesterday the traffic was really bad and even worse for me because I was hurrying up to get to office soon. I dropped by the bank to get my new EON card and I’m glad I was early because people … Continue reading

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Management Job Offers

My nephew graduated today on his B.S. Psychology degree and looking forward to find an exciting and well compensated job in the next few weeks. Actually the school has some offers awaiting his approval because he has served the school … Continue reading

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