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Ensuring a Good Life for Kids

I’ve met a school friend recently when one of our batch mate passed away and since it’s the only time that we saw each other again we talked about family, kids, work and plans in life. She has kids also … Continue reading

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Planning Your Kid’s Birthday

I’ve met one of my friends last Sunday and he was very happy because they’ve won in raffle promo they joined a month ago. The name of their child was picked in the monthly draw and the prize is a … Continue reading

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Online Education Advantage

Last week I was caught up by heavy traffic from home to office and I suddenly missed working full time at home where I will not worry about rushing to get to office and bearing the traffic jam. If I’m … Continue reading

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When They Grow Up

Rain showers are common now and with the coming and going of heavy rains I know that summer has ended quite early. We actually had a short summer only but to this date I know that everyone is busy preparing … Continue reading

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Birth Disorders and Topamax

Having babies is one of the blessings in life but sometimes when our babies are not normal it brings us sadness and sympathy for the child. It’s not the end of the world if the newborn has disorder as most … Continue reading

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The Value of Education

Education is one of the most important things that you can give to your children. My parents used to tell us that they can only give us the best education as their inheritance to us. That it’s value can’t be … Continue reading

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Security in Life

Everything we have in life is limited and sometimes temporary as they last for a certain period of time only. What we have to do is to care for it and keep it. We must value everything that God has … Continue reading

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My Priorities

A friend dropped to sell me her line of products and since some can be used by my kids I bought cologne and baby powder. I choose the ones that my kids will approve because they’re very sensitive with scents. … Continue reading

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Wedding Covenant

One of the unforgettable events in my life was when I got married, accepting Ed as my lifetime partner. After almost two years of engagement we decided to bind our love covenant and bow in the presence of the Almighty … Continue reading

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Memories of their Baby Years

Nine months of pregnancy has passed at last and the day comes when a mother gives birth to a child. I can still remember the happiness that my 3 baby births have given us. I have 3 kids now and … Continue reading

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