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I’m glad that finally our car is now being repaired by a mechanic referred by my cousin. It’s a nice timing as our money from the cooperative I’ve joined last year has arrived today so we’ll have finance for the car repair. We really needed a car to use every Sunday service, our camp meetings and family day out. DH has been spending more time now with the car. As soon as he gets home from his class he’ll check the car for any possible maintenance needed. Lately we’re always stopping in the middle of the road and because of these alarming incidents we decided not to use the car until it’s running in good condition.

I was really saving for my kids’ tuition fees this coming summer but I’ll have to spend it on the car first because we can’t leave it like that. Anyway I was also searching for cheap car insurance for it since its insurance will expire few months from now. I’ve been looking online for another company that will give us better rates because the maintenance and repair has eaten up majority of our budget. Well I know after the repair we’ll again enjoy our pickup and we’ll be able to frequent MIL’s place more with a more convenient travel going there.

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