Education is an Investment

Studying is very expensive now so as early as now I’m scouting for good universities that we can afford three years from now as my eldest will start college after that. She’s inclined in Arts, Culinary and IT but she’s really young to decide which course or inclination to follow. She told me that she wants to study near our place and don’t want to spend her precious time travelling to far university even if the reputation of the school is that high.

I know by the time she starts college there will be more schools here in our town because for the past several years the colleges in metropolitan areas are building their branches here. Also I heard good reviews about online studies and who knows she might also be able to like an online it degree to add to her credentials and expertise. Actually I’m going to let them follow the desires of their heart and whatever course they want to take I will definitely support as long as DH and I can afford it. I want them to have the best education because it’s an investment for them. If DH and I grow older we will never worry about their future. Their education and faith in God will see them through.

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