Oxycontin Detox

I’m relieved to see that teens that used to stay near our front gate in the middle of the night are not visible now. We’ve added our patio lights which illuminate the front area of the house making it impossible for the teens to stay there unnoticed. Of course they don’t want bright areas so they stay now elsewhere. I feel safe that way because I find it uncomfortable having those teens in our vicinity as I know some of them are drug users. It’s but natural for a Mom like me to think of my kids’ safety all the time and any danger to their peaceful environment will definitely bring worries to my mind.

I wish those teens will be sent to rehabilitation so their future would be good. It’s good also if they can be treated with the right therapy and medication like oxycontin detox to ensure that they will not go back to their dependency. It’s such a waste that people as young as them got hooked on vices when they can be good in studying or some sports of their choice. Young men and women should be guided properly and taught with Christian values so they will know the right way and won’t be tempted to try having vices.

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