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I graduated from college with a degree in computer engineering but several years of working landed me into various jobs and field of work totally different from what I learned in school. My former boss for 16 years trained me to be skilled in administration, human resource, finance and accounting. He assigned me in diverse fields of work that forced me into learning the basics of accounting and the process of recruiting, hiring, monitoring and many facets of personnel department. I was hesitant at first but very thankful in the end that I was trained in all those fields because knowledge of those things is like wealth that can’t be stolen from me. Those training have given me enough skills and work experience that I can use now in my present job.

Now with all those knowledge and skills gained from former job I was able to know better what to look for and what to expect when I recruit and interview someone to fill in vacant positions in my new employer. I know what to ask and what skills to look for a certain job position because I had a hands-on knowledge of what I’m talking about just like what finance staffing agencies like Accounting Principals has been doing with their services.

They offer recruitment services and hiring of personnel for a variety of finance and accounting job opportunities. They have expertise in recruitment and real world experience of finance, accounting, banking and mortgage making them very competent in assessing candidates of required positions. So if ever you have a need for competitive staff in the mentioned field of work just visit them and let them help you hire the best staff for your company.

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