Another Field of Learning

Hubby is completing his requirements for his on-the-job training on the cable company next to our town. He’s currently training as laboratory/computer technician in his school but he wants to learn more so his classmate referred him to the company. Well the job training there will be different from what he’s doing right now. If he’s dealing with PCs, laptops, electronic gadgets, amplifier kit like wilson booster, sound systems and other electronic things in the school it will be different in the new company.

Since it specializes in providing cable network to household plus internet on their package hubby would have to learn how to install and troubleshoot related cable problems. I think he’s excited about it but told me that he’ll start after the holidays as he’s one of the people in-charge of our vacation fellowship in the north. I’m happy that little by little he’s beginning to see what he really wants for his next field of work.

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