Weddings and Anniversaries

Few of my friends had their wedding anniversaries on this first day of the month. I also like January as wedding month aside from month of May because for me it signifies beginning of something wonderful which is the culmination of love for the newlywed couples. Even my own parents married on the same month and it was a very nice wedding in their times. Back then things were simpler, more conservative but people were very particular with giving dowries like properties and jewelries. That’s how my Mom would always spoke of wedding in the early generation.

Now I don’t always hear about dowries and couples would only hire wedding planner, reserve a place for wedding ceremony and reception and they will plan and decide on everything. They will only ask some advice and permission from the elders and parents but they will arrange everything by themselves. Couples are more financially independent now than in the old times when the groom family side would spend for the bulk expenses of the wedding. They’re more extravagant also when choosing the right jewelry as I know a friend who gave anniversary diamond rings to show his wife how lucky he was to have her as his partner in life. Any woman would love to receive such beautiful ring not only for its value but for the sweet thoughts it conveys to its recipient.

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