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I just had my annual physical examination through our company’s health card. This examination is done yearly to ensure that employees are in perfect physical capacity to work. For the employers x-ray is one of the requirements in renewing sanitary health permit while for the employees it’s one way of determining if you can really work or if you’re fit enough for your job. The examination rounds up almost everything such as clarity of vision, dental blood pressure, urinalysis, blood exams, ECG, x-ray and some other physical check up. I almost knew it that I’m over the ideal weight and when my turn came I was not surprised to know that I’m overweight.

Well I know that for a time and since then I searched for  best fat burner supplement which can help me burn fats and excess pounds. My brother has used this kind of supplement in the past and I’ve watched while he slowly turned 2 sizes smaller. I can’t believe it but I’ve seen it for myself so I was convinced then that we really need fat burners to trim our body and to get rid of excess pounds especially unwanted fats. But it’s only a support, it’s vital that a person should practice healthy lifestyle which include healthy meals, regular exercise, good sleeping pattern and strict discipline to implement all of these.

Now my daily meals are light breakfast mostly cereals with fruits, veggie lunch with chicken meat or tofu and fruits, light dinner with minimal meat and abundance of vegetables. It’s not right to skip our meals as the moment we missed out one meal our body system prepares to store all foods that we’re going to eat next. So instead of burning them the system stored it for the time that a person will skip meals. The right eating pattern is eating small portions in 2-3 hours interval giving time for good digestion and preventing starvation which will lead to overeating. Glad that I’m learning all these things to help me in reaching my goal to a healthier me.

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