Solution to Chill Problems

It’s already summer and we’re experiencing very hot weather. Actually in my office in the upper 32nd floors you will not feel the summer heat as it’s always cold, so cold that we have to put the aircon off before lunch just to enjoy our lunch break on a normal temperature. My friend told me that I’m lucky that I didn’t experience much of the hot temperature because I’m in the office for 5 days a week.

Anyway I don’t mind the hot weather for now because it’s difficult for Mom when the weather is cold. Sometimes she chills suddenly and feels so cold. I learned that the folks in cooler areas sometimes need to be in their heated mattress pads to make sure that they’re warm enough for the weather. If they will not do it they will not be able to stand the super cold winter. Now I will have to find on how I am going to buy those for my dear Mom as it’s the solution for her chills.

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