Early Health Awareness

Mom is feeling a little weak these days due to cough and pain in her knees. With her cough we bought her natural remedies like fresh calamansi and if she wants to drink it without mixing juice my sister brought home a honey puree with lemon. The juice is a real remedy for cough as I’ve tested it with all of my kids when they’re young and until now. It was prescribed by a doctor friend of my brother ten years ago and from that day that it was recommended and prescribed to us we’ve been using it not just to cure coughs and colds but to maintain our vitamin C supplement.

For my Mom’s knee problem which is part of her arthritis she also reject drinking medicines as she always say that herbal medicines are more apt for her. I was thinking if knee walker can help but it didn’t materialized because Mom can walk, it’s just so painful at times that she prefers to stay in her rocking chair. When I look at her I see myself having some of what she suffers now because I’m not that careful with myself with working sometimes. Maybe I’ll begin being careful and wary about being workaholic so when I got old I will not be so sickly.

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