Anniversary Gifts “101 Ways to Say I Love You”

Need something for a special occasion in your life? You can try this one, a sure way to make your special someone feel your deepest love and care. I’m referring to 101 messages contained in a bottle with 101 ways to say I LOVE YOU. Isn’t it cute and sweet?

This is just one way of letting them know how much they mean to you. Each day you’ll have a new message that will go on for 101 days, isn’t it exciting? Well this messages are unique and printed beautifully, hand rolled and finished with a red thread. It can also be customized when you want your own words. Some of the sweet messages in the bottle are:

Iʼm attached to you
I adore you
Iʼm affectionate for you
Iʼm enchanted by you
Together, Forever

Found this at etsy from KozyWozy shop, sells at USD24.95

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