How to Shop for Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Maybe you’ve never considered yourself the type of woman who invests in lingerie. Some women just don’t feel comfortable purchasing or wearing it. Or maybe you are the kind of woman who has an extensive collection of lingerie and loves to feel sexy in it. Whatever the case, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to purchase your first piece or invest in a few new pieces to spice up your life.

If You’re a Lingerie Virgin…
Start with simple, lovely pieces that express your personal style. You don’t have to don a leather bustier or lace-up corset — in fact, sometimes simple and classy pieces are much more sexy (and wearable) than stereotypical lingerie pieces. A satin tank and matching shorts are a cute and comfy option that will make you feel sexy. Many stretch materials are silky soft against your skin (and against your partner’s hands) and so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off. Or, a short silk nightgown is a sweet, feminine option. For more unique items, you’ll have to be prepared to spend a bit more money, but websites exist like Sidepon, which can provide promo codes for many of your favorite clothing stores. You can use these promotional codes at checkout for significant savings. 

If You’re a Lingerie Junkie…
Consider pieces that are surprising and beautiful but have an edge. Cater to what your partner likes — and what you’re comfortable with. Your partner may love platform heels with just about nothing, but if you’re not comfortable with those, don’t feel like you have to cater. You could shift your partner’s perspective on what is considered sexy. Dark prints and lace tend to evoke a sense of the classy, but animal prints and leather are also alluring. 

If You’re On a Budget…
Maybe you’d rather take a short trip this Valentine’s Day or go out for a very special dinner rather than investing in expensive lingerie. Many discount stores still have matching bra and underwear sets that will add some spice to the night. Or, take a look at your existing wardrobe and find ways to put a sexy spin on the items you already own. A trench coat with nothing under it adds a whole new dimension to intimacy, or the fishnet nylons you already own could go well with a black bra and panty set. Get creative and get ready for a great Valentine’s Day.


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