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Knowledge of computer is always a plus when you’re applying for a job because nowadays every work is done through computer. Whatever your field of work or expertise there’s always a need to use the latest gadgets or technology which directs to using computer as a means of reporting, communicating and interacting with colleagues. Gone are the days where we can live without the modern office equipment especially when you’re working in the busy business district. It has been my major qualifications in all companies I applied for that I know a lot about computers but little did they know that my education is way beyond the latest in software innovation.

What I know now in current office programs and software are mainly products of my training and self-advancement studies on computer software that evolves every now and then. Continuing education should really be given importance because our college education is not enough to see us through the real world of corporate employment. So if you’re into professional job especially in Information technology or related work involve yourself in seminars and training that will alleviate your knowledge and skills like this Free Microsoft Office Training that LearningGate offers now.

They offer fast and effective online training from industry experts. Their courses are offered in On-demand and Live Webinar formats for your convenience and easier communication. Now they’re giving free Learning membership for everyone with unlimited free access to more than 15+virtual instructor-led on-demand Microsoft Office and fundamental courses in computers. Their featured courses involves microsoft office software such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft powerpoint and Office 365. Rest assured you’ll be an expert soon with the kind of training they do like having video lectures, interactive lab simulations, hands-on demo, online live mentoring and printable workbooks.


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