Joining the Guitar Group

My son is getting interested in guitar lately and like his two sisters I thought of giving him a real music instrument lesson so he could easily learn playing it. It’s just coincidence that his school offers extracurricular music activities for violin, guitar, drums and lyre that I easily decided in enrolling him on Saturday classes.

Last year I opt not to register him to violin classes to concentrate more on his academics but this year his teacher suggested on participating on the music program to add up to his extracurricular activities as he’s one of the probable candidates in honor roll. He was included in last year’s honors and this year he would need to be active not just in academics but in other field as well.

In line with this he accompanies me always when I browse on shopping sites for musical instruments like when I looked on peavey ampkit at guitar center where he showed great amount of interest. Anyway it runs in our blood and I assumed my kids got their flair for playing musical instruments from my grandfather who used to play harp and guitar. I hope he’ll enjoy his 10-month guitar lesson and looking forward to his final performance at the end of school year.

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