Maxi Skirt for Plus Size Women


When a woman reached 30 and she’s married with kids it’s hard to stay slim as when she was still single. I’m speaking for myself because I was less than a hundred pounds and has a 22 inches waistline when I got married but now I’m already a plus size. Well being fashionable doesn’t end when you get bigger, it’s just that your preferences for clothing might be affected. You just have to choose what’s more appropriate to your age and size. It’s even harder for us because we’re in a more conservative way of dressing in our church. Anyway all those things have a solution especially if you know how to balance fashion, style and being modest enough.

Being online most of the times helps a lot because you’ll get to see women like my size and how they cope with dressing up. I’m amazed sometimes at how they can get fashionable even with maxi dresses which I love also. I really need to be because I’m working and I should be able to dress well during daily work and corporate meetings. I learned that dressing up is part of working and when you’re dealing with clients and colleagues you have to be corporate enough to gain confidence and respect as well.

Just love this one when I browsed and maybe not suitable for office but can be worn outside work. This is so perfect for maxi women like me. This Desert Nights Maxi Skirt w/ Belt is a woven maxi skirt with faux leather belt which accentuates the skirt more. The skirt itself has an elasticized waist, side slit, belt loops, unlined and very lighweight for comfort. You can match it with any blouse or top of your choice.

They sell it at $24.80

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