Stripes and Spots


Want to be carefree with just the basic colors and be stylish as well. Try wearing simple blouse and skirt with stripes and spots just like the model above.  The blouse has simple stripe design with minimal colors of white and dark blue.  The skirt is simply girlish with dark blue base and white polka dots.  Perfect for teens and young ladies.  Well if you want to look younger than your age you can wear it too.

This will surely be a good one for my two big girls or should I say very young ladies.  They seem so interested with wearing stylish dresses and I’m thinking of designing them some good ones.  Browsing online gives me nice ideas and I could buy for them too as well.   Online shopping is such a convenient hobby if I may say and I can search for as many dresses, shoes, bags and accessories as I want without wasting my time  and hurting my foot.  Love this one for my daughters.

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