Ensuring a Good Life for Kids

I’ve met a school friend recently when one of our batch mate passed away and since it’s the only time that we saw each other again we talked about family, kids, work and plans in life. She has kids also and she wants to know more about mortgage and life insurance since she got only one of them few years ago. She’s interested to get both because she really feels that she must secure her daughters when emergency comes in their life.

Of course no parent would want their kids to worry after they passed away so getting some insurance would somehow assure them that they would have something left for their family to continue with their lives. As for the mortgage they’ve started quite a bit as they’ve gotten their properties few years back. I don’t have a problem in that area as I’m settled with our own house and don’t have any plans of getting another. If we’ll have extra money I’ll just renovate it to become a duplex house.

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