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Sword for Sale from Twiggy’s Treasures

The different kinds of swords available from Twiggy’s Treasures Sword collecting has been around for many years now. Hobbyists and enthusiasts alike have grown to love the many different types of swords like dragon swords and samurai swords because of … Continue reading

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Look Ahead to Spring Fashions

With a new year comes new runway shows and fashion trends. What are the latest styles? We’re about to tell you. Some popular clothing trends include bright color blocking, extravagant prints, pastels, and ruffles. Let your inner child out! Remember … Continue reading

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Learning Beneficial Health Info

These days not only adults are prone to hypertension and stress but the younger ones as well. I’ve learned that deadly sicknesses occur early in life due to wrong habits in eating, stressful physical activities and excessive night life. Mostly … Continue reading

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Healthy Lifestyle

I just had my annual physical examination through our company’s health card. This examination is done yearly to ensure that employees are in perfect physical capacity to work. For the employers x-ray is one of the requirements in renewing sanitary … Continue reading

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Fond of Accessories

My office friend and I always pass by shopping malls on our way going home and when we need to buy something we plan and drop by mall stores. We always go together shopping for clothes, bags, home items and … Continue reading

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Investing on Jewelries

As a kid and up to now I’m not used to wearing jewelries especially when I go to work because of the risk of being robbed by bad guys. I don’t carry our car to work and anyway I don’t … Continue reading

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Riding On Elevator

Working in an office located on the top most floor of a high rise building gives me an advantage of seeing more people because when I’m inside the elevator I’m always the last to go out. I get to see … Continue reading

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Kate Spade Surprise Sale

It’s surprise one-day sale at Kate Spade up to 75% off up to February 7  at 11:59pm PST only. Here are some really nice wallets you may want for yourself: WELLESLEY ZIP TRAVEL WALLET   Slim travel wallet finished with … Continue reading

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What To Look For In An Office Desk Chair

Some considerations when buying an office desk chair. A lot of people spend at least nine hours of their day at the office. This accounts for a third of a day and for most people, is even longer than the … Continue reading

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On Their Own

My niece and her family are moving again to another house and this time it’s in our town and the apartment that we got is only a few blocks away from us. They have been planning to renovate her granny’s … Continue reading

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