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Blessing from Fairy Hobmother

This must be my lucky week as my wish was granted yesterday night when Fairy visited me. I was excited to hear him telling me that he’s giving me gift cards to use in Amazon. Forgive my excitement as it’s … Continue reading

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Home Popcorn Machine: The Perfect Gift Idea

Reasons why you should give a home popcorn machine as a gift Giving gifts is a common thing done in many occasions and over time it can get frustrating thinking of what to give for whichever occasion it is you … Continue reading

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Autumn AC

I heard news that electric bill rates will rise again and people are now thinking of ways on how to conserve energy so they would not be billed high amounts that can affect their financial budget. We all know that … Continue reading

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Plans for House Renovations

I visited my friend last week and saw the new plasma tvs she bought for her and for her brother. She told me that she got a very good deal online but it required buying two of the said TV. … Continue reading

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Got to Fix Them

Few months back my office computer chair broke down and I scheduled it for repair but due to numerous tasks I forgot about it. When I search for small laptop table I remembered that I have a computer chair in … Continue reading

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Moving to their New House

It’s good to see that my cousin’s daughter has finally settled in their newly constructed house. It actually looks like an extension house of my cousin with walls in between. It’s better than renting an expensive apartment besides her baby … Continue reading

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Feel Relax at Home

People are in the mood for shopping on this holiday season. You’ll see crowd rushing to the mall to avail of discount sale and promos. Well I’m not much of that kind because I hate squeezing through crowds just to … Continue reading

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Laptop Table

Friend Zanne recommended DigiKing for my much needed laptop table.  We have many working and computer tables here in the house but I need one that I can use when I want to work while I’m resting on sofa or … Continue reading

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