The Different Types of Clothing Hangers

The different types of clothing hangers and their advantages and disadvantages.


Hangers are common items that are used in homes. They are also among the store fixtures that you are sure to find in every clothing store. Although you may be used to just any hanger at home, clothing stores often use different kinds of clothing hangers. Each of the different types of clothing hangers often has its own purpose and it is good to learn about them to help you maximize the use of your hangers.



Below are some of the common types of hangers that you can use.

•        Wire Hangers. Among the most affordable types of clothing hangers are thin wire hangers. Sometimes, you can even get them for free from the dry cleaners. If you want sturdier wire hangers, you can choose for those made from thicker metal. However, metal is prone to rust so if you do not want stains on your clothes, choose wire hangers made from stainless steel.

•        Plastic Hangers. If you want sturdy and affordable clothing hangers, plastic hangers are a good choice. They are often available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They are great for dresses, shirts, and blouses because these are relatively lightweight clothing items. Keep in mind that plastic hangers can still break so choose those that are made from thicker and more durable plastic material.

•        Wooden Hangers. For suits, jackets, coats, and other heavier types of clothing, wooden hangers are recommended. These hangers remain sturdy and firm even when used to hang clothes with heavier fabrics. Since wooden hangers are usually thicker, they also do a better job of maintaining the form of the clothes that are hanged which is why they are popular used in many clothing stores.

•        Padded Hangers. If you visit a store with clothes in the higher price range, you will probably find that padded hangers are used to hang the clothes. These hangers are excellent for providing protection for the garment which is why they are also used for hanging lingerie and other clothing items made from delicate material. Like wooden hangers, these hangers which are padded with fabric can preserve the form of the clothing well.

•        Specialty Hangers. You can also get specialty hangers for other items in your closet or garment racks. You can get very small hangers for baby clothes or hangers with clips for skirts or slacks. There are also hangers specially made for ties and belts. These hangers are designed specifically for these particular items.

Getting the right hangers for your clothes will help you to maintain your clothes and allow them to last for a long time. For all your hanger needs, visit to see their wide selection of clothing hangers.

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