Clover Leaf Shamrock Vinyl Decals


My son is asking what I want for his gift to me on hearts’ day I told him that anything even a single chocolate candy will be nice as long as it’s given by him.  He’s just a thoughtful little kid and as young as he is I can see that he’ll grow up to be a super thoughtful gentleman.


Anyway we saw this beautiful blue clover leaf shamrock vinyl decals which is just right for my lappy who got a little dent on the corner.  We figured out that the dent could be unnoticed if it has a laptop cover.  Oh and it’s not just for laptop because it can be used also for car window, Ipad, school mascot, mirror, wall, locke door, fridge and a lot more uses.


Found this set at etsy from HouseHoldWords for USD5.00 for every set of two decals 4″.  Perfect for your own use or for your gift giving this coming season of the hearts.

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