Essentials to Pack in Your Prom Purse

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You’ve spent hours trying on both expensive and cheap prom dresses, you’ve decided on your prom hair do and even bagged yourself a date, but what about sorting out your handbag? You’ll want something easy to carry, perhaps with a hand strap, so you can just have it on your wrist and forget about it, but something big enough to hold your prom essentials! A clutch doesn’t just have to be decorative. Here’s what to pack:

Make-up quick fixes

When it comes to looking great all night, you’ll need to pop a few cosmetic staples in your purse. A lippy or lip-gloss will ensure you can maintain a polished look all evening whilst some blotting paper or a powder foundation can be used to dry up any oily patches before you have your pics taken. To make your eyes pop you can re-touch your eye-shadow every so often, although under dim disco lighting this adjustment might go unnoticed. Make your make-up fix a ritual with your girlfriends, the ladies loos are a great place to catch up on the night’s gossip.

A digital camera

You never know what hilarious escapades you’ll want to catch on camera so make sure you’ve got a digital camera – or photo ready smartphone – in your purse. Don’t forget to get people to take a few snaps of you, it’s easy to get forgotten about as the person behind the camera. Get your friends to pack their camera’s too so you’ll have plenty of photos to share after!

Deodorant or perfume

Even the most dainty of us females ‘perspire’ and when you’re out enjoying a special occasion noticing a whiffy armpit can be detrimental to your self-esteem. Be prepared to get a little sweaty on the dance floor and keep a mini perfume or deodorant spray in your purse so you can give yourself a fragrant boost.

Gum or mints

Fresh breath is an essential accessory for any occasion, so don’t forget a small pack of mints or gum in your purse. You never know, a sneaky goodnight kiss might be on the cards.


If you’re old enough to drink, make sure you pack that all important ID. Heading out for post-prom drinks in town is natural, but a great night can be quickly cut short if your mates are granted entry and you’re left out on the street.

Blister plasters

Even if your new shoes were sublimely comfortable at the start of the night, the chances are that after 4 hours on the dance floor your feet are going to be a little worse for wear. Pop a few blister blasters or gel shoe pads in your handbag and you can whip them out if and when they’re needed – this way you can avoid end of the night limping or a bare-foot walk back to the car.

Becky Clarke is a teen fashion and beauty blogger from the UK. You’re most likely to find her scouring the sales for cheap prom dresses or testing out new cosmetics in her local department stores.

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