Sterling Silver Pearl Peapod Personalised Necklace


I’ve always thought that necklace is the most functional jewelry because it does not only make you feel feminine but stylish too.  It’s the best accessory that you can match with the kind of clothes you love to wear.  I always frequent a small shopping center where there are volumes of accessories for ladies mostly fashion necklaces made of inexpensive material that resembles pearls, birth stones and some precious metals.

Fashion jewelries only meant to accessorize women’s outfit and not for investment purposes like other precious and authentic jewelries.  Anyway whatever your style of dressing there’s a necklace that will match your mood, preference and fashion sense like this Sterling Silver Pearl Peapod personalised necklace which will fit perfectly to women of varied ages.  You can give it to your grandma, mom, sister, wife, daughter, cousin or to special girl friends.

Here’s a brief description of this pretty necklace:

This necklace features a lovely peapod pendant with 4 Swarovski glass pearls carefully hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire to form a pod shape. A sterling silver heart completes the design which hangs from a sterling silver cable chain.

Sells at $35.00 USD at from RoseandRaven shop.

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12 Responses to Sterling Silver Pearl Peapod Personalised Necklace

  1. cheerful says:

    i love Etsy, i bought some stuff there and it can always give you an idea, too! this necklace looks so lovely. 🙂

  2. papaleng says:

    I am not fond of necklace stuff but this one. Wow! ang ganda. Very colorful yung mga ‘sago’. ha..ha..ha..

  3. Marie says:

    I am really not that into necklaces but handmade ones are kinda special. 🙂

  4. lencilicious says:

    Can’t take my eyes off that lovely necklace. It will sure fit different outfits.

  5. Lainy says:

    That is such a lovely piece, Sis! I have always loved accessories and pearls are one of my ultimate faves because they never go out of style.

  6. Tingting R. says:

    Sad to say, but I do not wear necklace. I mean, I have some but I never wear them. I am too lazy when time comes to remove them. I like seeing women who wear necklaces though.

  7. mhie@smarlk says:

    That is a cute necklace. I love collecting necklace too. I like shopping in etsy.

  8. Rcel says:

    That is a gorgeous fashion necklace! I think it will look good on any piece of clothing to be worn. Etsy has lots of beautiful products from different skilled sellers!

  9. That is beautiful, I want one! I ‘ll check this out.

  10. Nova S says:

    The necklace is very gorgeous, i like how it is very unique and you are right fashionable.

  11. jane says:

    very cute necklace. I have lots of cheap and fancy necklaces for fashion look purposes. though i have this gold cross necklace that i never take off since the lock is very hard to tilt. this peapod looks cute!

  12. jennyL says:

    etsy is a fabulous place to find handmade items. This necklace is pretty and can make any outfit more stunning. I want one !!

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