The Benefits of eCards Over Traditional Paper

Festive greetings are an annual part of the business landscape. They are a great way of keeping in touch with clients and affiliates as well as marketing to potential customers and reminding them that they are still in your thoughts. However traditional paper cards are expensive, leave a large carbon footprint and waste paper, and this has bought business Christmas eCards to the fore and here’s the main reasons why they are becoming the norm at Christmas time:

Cuts Deforestation and Boosts Environment

One of the biggest issues with sending billions of festive cards each year is the devastating effect it has on the amount of forest land is being used up. Swathes of forest are being cut down to keep up with the demand, which is destroying animal habitats and denying the environment valuable co2 capture by these huge forests. That’s where electronic cards come into their own as there is no paper wastage whatsoever. Instead they are designed, paid for and sent online; doing the same job of festive greeting, but without the damaging consequences.

Cost-effective and Logistical Ease

 A big bugbear for businesses when mailing out of thousands upon thousands of festive cards is the sheer logistical nightmare of it all. There is the picking, printing addresses, handwriting of each card then sending them out at the great waste of time and expense to the company. Instead, it can be achieved in one manageable swoop by choosing eCards. Simply log in, choose a design, customise it and then mail it out to your customer list at the click of a button. This takes away all of the stress and financial implications concerned with seasonal greetings.

Added benefits

ECards often come with little bonuses that make the deal for businesses even sweeter. The best suppliers will pledge to plant trees across the globe when you buy eCards from them, which offsets a company’s carbon emissions even further. Better still, as this can be mentioned in the eCard then this green form of marketing can bring you a favourable response from current and potential clients as consumers and businesses tend to see an eco-friendly approach in a good light.

There are very few things in the favour of the traditional cards at Christmas, so if your business is still lagging behind perhaps it is time to look at cutting your costs, streamlining the process and helping the environment by choosing eCards this Christmas.

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