Shopping for Warm Clothes

I’m so busy with my work that I’m in a rush now to buy my kids their clothes for the holidays and for our coming vacation as well. I’ve been hearing some news about the weather in Baguio now which is becoming lower and we’re expecting it to lessen in the coming days. We need to shop for warmer clothes to keep us protected from the cold weather and to enjoy our vacation.

Actually my kids are better than me when it comes to withstanding cold weather but you can never tell how low the weather will be on the last days of December so we’ll be so much better if we’re ready. Anyway my SIL has sent us plenty of sweaters and jackets previously that we will only have to buy a few. I’ve canvassed already while my friend visited this clinic where she will bring her cousin for treatment and I think the prices are just right for my budget. Good rates are very important for me as we have to buy some other things we need for the holidays and wise budgeting is a must.

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