Monavie Gives Back to the People of Brazil: M.O.R.E Project

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray have been raving about the health benefits and effectiveness of acai berry. There are a lot of Acai Berry products out there but there is only one that stands out and that is the one manufacture by Monavie.

Monavie is a multi level marketing company and they create healthy juice drinks made from the purple berry fruit that can be found in the Amazon of Brazil, the acai berry. What makes Monavie’s product diffirent among the other acai berry products is the way they extract the nutrients from the acai berry, This fruit is very delicate and must be processed within 12 to 24 hours to preserve its nutrients, which what makes the product work. Since Monavie’s processing plant is located in the Amazon, they can start the extraction process right away as soon as it is harvested, thus preserving more nutrients. This is Monavie’s secret to their success. That is why they are one of the fastest growing companies in the US, ranking 18th out of the 500 companies. They have also reached their status as one of the top companies who made $1 billion in annual revenue.

Since their product is made from the acai berry which can only be found in the Amazon of Brazil, Monavie’s founder Dallin Larsen knows that without Brazil’s acai berry, there will be no healthy juice drinks, thus Monavie wouldn’t even exist. That is why he founded M.O.R.E (Monavie’s Operation Rescue) Project to give back to the people of Brazil.

Dallin Larsen and his team of executives have decided to donate a sizeable part of the company’s revenue to finance the projects of M.O.R.E (You can read about this project from Monavie’s site: M.O.R.E’s projects focus on providing safe homes for the people of Brazil, training and educating the people and also preserving the Amazon.

Dallin Larsen not only spent a great deal of money for the M.O.R.E Project but he himself is an active volunteer and spends time to make sure that all projects of their charity is properly being executed. Here are some of the projects that Monavie’s M.O.R.E has organized to help the people of Brazil:

1. Feeding Program. M.O.R.E. has a feeding program twice a day where they provide nutritious meals to the kids. This has lessened the malnutrition level, which is a good thing for a country whose poverty level is above 20%.

2. Training and Educational Program. M.O.R.E. provided technical training to single mothers and their kids on jewelry making, mechanics, sewing, and more, which will help them gain the skills that they need so they can have their own source of income.

3. Housing. M.O.R.E also provides a decent homes for the homeless they also dedicated their financial resources in renovating Brazilian homes by repairing leaky roofs, changing the dirty floors, provided a clean toilet and many more.

4. Preservation of the rainforest. M.O.R.E also provided financial support to help preserve the Amazon of Brazil.

5. Jobs. M.O.R.E also provided the farmers of Brazil the resources, trainings and technological means that they need to maximize the potential of the Brazilian rainforest.

Now wouldn’t you feel great every time you drink any of the healthy juice drinks of Monavie? Not only will you be getting a lot of health benefits like removing harmful toxins from the body, aiding in proper digestion, lowering of bad cholesterol, boosting the immune system, helping in weight loss and more, but you will also have the pleasure of knowing that with every Monavie juice drink, you are helping a number of families in Brazil.

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