A Good Family Man

My cousin always drive for his two daughters since the day that they started schooling up to this day that they’re already working. He never missed out sending them to school by himself and picking them up after school. He has a regular office job near his house but he manages to fit his schedule to school schedule of his daughters. I really admire his patience and perseverance in attending to his daughters’ needs and in return his two daughters are so grateful to him. He’s blessed with two nice, pretty and intelligent daughters and he told me that he’ll take care of them even after they’re married.

We had a nice chat about life and taking care of children while he’s searching for a good NOS electric fuel pump for his motorcycle. He only uses his motorcycle inside our town and the nearby ones because he only feels safe using it on quick travel only. It was temporarily given to him in his work so he can roam around the town quickly on errands even on traffic jam street. When he’s with his wife, his children and his grandson he’s driving his own owner-type jeepney for a safer travel near or far. My nieces grew up in that vehicle and until now it has been of great help to them.

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