Shopping and Business

When I go shopping at malls I think about not only of the things that I want to buy but also how the stores managed to put up their selling business.  We all know that starting up is one hard step and you should consider some factors before plunging into the kind of business you want.  Well one of these factors are financial capabilities and marketing strategy.  It’s vital to have enough money to sustain business on start up years when you can’t rely on profit immediately as it would take about 2-3 years to establish it properly. I know this because I experienced it on my friend’s business which I was involved in pioneer years.

Aside from putting up huge amount for the licenses, accreditations, office leasing and capital on our products we invested our own talents and skills on planning and good management.  With all these in stride we also put great percentage in products’ promotion and marketing plans.  We’ve joined trade fairs, accepted invitations on product presentations and ensured that all staff should print business cards so when opportunity comes it will be ready for followup calls on closed deals.  For marketing group it’s important to always have their cards with them ready to give to potential clients. After all there are plenty of business opportunities awaiting those who make themselves open for good transactions and business deals.

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I'm a Mom with three kids juggling between my corporate work and online writing job. This is my site about gift ideas, deals, shopping and technology.
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