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Excited to Board the Ship

My niece’s husband was set to work as seaman this month but it was rescheduled next month. He’s all set and ready but I told him that it’s just fine because he’ll be able to spend holidays with his family … Continue reading

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Giveaways and Promotional Bags

When I was still working in corporate office I used to think of nice giveaway because sometimes I was being asked of ideas. During my early years of employment I really cherish most of the company’s giveaways because they’re mostly … Continue reading

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Joint Baptismal

My cousin gave birth last month just three weeks after her younger sister had delivered hers and the younger sibling was complaining that she had purposely planned same period of pregnancy. Of course that’s only part of their teasing but … Continue reading

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Way to Good Health

When we eat outside in fast food chains or restaurant we see to it that the kids have clean hands even if they will use fork and spoon. It’s proven enough that hands are the common sources of germs that … Continue reading

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Got to Fix Them

Few months back my office computer chair broke down and I scheduled it for repair but due to numerous tasks I forgot about it. When I search for small laptop table I remembered that I have a computer chair in … Continue reading

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More Convenient Travel

I’m glad that finally our car is now being repaired by a mechanic referred by my cousin. It’s a nice timing as our money from the cooperative I’ve joined last year has arrived today so we’ll have finance for the … Continue reading

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Shopping for My Kids

We went to the mall last weekend for the final shopping of my kids’ holiday clothes for school and for our camp meeting fellowship. It was crowded as expected but still it’s manageable because some people were just there for … Continue reading

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